Advert Placement.

We help you reach the right audience with your products.

Choose any of our promotional package and enhance your visibility-

  1. Gold Pack (Complete Pack): We advertise your product all across our 3 websites using Banner, Advertorial, Social Media Buzz, and Newsletter.
  2. Silver Pack: we advertise your products using banner and newsletter only.
  3. Bronze Pack: We advertise your products using banner, sponsored posts, or social media engagement using any of these.


We assure you maximum result and increased visibilty.

Diverse range of available advertising formats are:

  • Small Rectangle — 290×100 (in right column of the homepage)
  • Medium Rectangle — 300×250 (in right column of the news page)
  • Leaderboard — 728×90 (on the top of the Homepage)
  • Sidebar ads (Top)
  • Sidebar Ads (All Site Wide)
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Page Branding (Site take over)


All advertsing request should be sent to

Call : +2348111442950